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Voice over IP telephony offers the freedom and flexibility that a modern business needs. No matter if you need a simple call handling system or a complex fully automated call center, Voice over IP implementations are the smartest solution. With the use of automated voice prompts, time conditions and many other options, the communication with the outside world is easier that ever.

Here at Digitrade, we specialize the VOIP Kerio Operetor based IP telephone systems. Kerio based systems provide the freedom and flexibility that a modern company needs for voice communication. With our implementation you have the freedom to communicate with the outside world, from your office line, wherever you are. Remote access to your company’s telephone system ensures that you can be reached whenever you like, on your office land line, with no additional cost by the provider.

Interactive Voice menus can eliminate any delays on incoming calls, reduce the waiting time of your customers and give them direct access to the department they need. Based on your time schedule, the calls can be routed to the correct destination, without the need to make any changes. Private lines, Ring Groups, Call queues and many more options make sure that everything runs as it should, without any dissatisfied callers.

Call detailed Records give you the power to monitor a call’s flow, from the first ring, up to the time the call is terminated. Combined with call recordings, this ensures that you always monitor the quality of service provided by your call agents. Taking controll of every aspect of your office telephone communications has never been easier.

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